Our Story

The Labour Society of Campaigners is a membership organisation, established in late 2020 by and for Labour Party members.

The Society was originally formed through Labour Together’s network that brought together organisers from Labour Party Graphic Designers, Campaign Lab, Labour Beyond Cities and like-minded, leading campaigners from across the Labour movement.

We are a membership organisation and we exist to bring together the best campaigners from across our movement, sharing ideas, innovation and best practice.

We have three core objectives:


  • Create a platform for campaigning organisations to work together across the Party
  • Create a pathway for identifying, supporting and training Labour Party campaigners
  • Share best practice, new thinking and innovation across our the Labour movement

To achieve those objectives, we run training and events, publish ‘Labour Organiser’ to help share new ideas, and offer practical support to organisations, groups and individuals.

Our constitution can be found here

Meet the Team

Nathan Oswin

Nathan is the founder of Minerva Campaigns and Communications and  led the Del Singh Memorial Award 2019 winning East Midlands Labour Union campaign days, ensuring enhanced mobilisation in our target constituencies across the East Midlands and put activists and resources into the seats that need them. In the 2019 election he worked with the national Labour Unions team to mobilse for over 250 campaign sessions across the Country.

Hannah O’Rourke

Hannah is Director of Labour Together and builds networks to make politics more open, collaborative and future-focused. She is also a co-Founder of Campaign Lab, a community of volunteer technologists working on campaign innovation.

David Littlefair

David is chair of Labour Beyond Cities, a campaigning group formed after the 2019 election in order to address Labour’s electoral and activist bias towards major metropolitan areas. At the 2019 election he ran the ‘Come Out Swinging’ campaign that saw over  200 first time activists redirected to swing seats and an internal broadcast by Labour of a series of debate watching events.

Oliver Coppard

Oliver is the founder of Campaigns Plus, a community-level behaviour change consultancy working with trade unions, charities and local government. He has stood as both a local council and parliamentary candidate, and was the Field Director for Britain Stronger in Europe in Yorkshire, the Humber and Lincolnshire. He has extensive experience of working on a range of campaigns in the UK and US.

Claire Hazelgrove

Claire has worked at all levels on election campaigns in the UK (social media lead at Labour HQ, Deputy Director of UK Field Operations for Britain Stronger in Europe, and parliamentary candidate). She also has significant experience of elections in the USA (Obama 2008 and 2012) and has held public engagement and leadership roles at impactful charities and not-for-profit organisations (ONE, Shelter, Friends of the Earth and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change).

Kevin Kennedy Ryan

Founder of Labour Party Graphic Designers, an independent collective of creatives helping to bring about a Labour Government. LPGD’s belief is that good design elevates, and have been using the talents members have to help elevate our movement since their formation. They have matched up designers with over one hundred Labour candidates, unions and campaigns, hosted workshops and fundraised for food banks.

James Moulding

James is a fellow of Newspeak House, the London College of Political Technology, and the Royal Society of the Arts. He is Co-Founder of Campaign Lab and an Organiser at the UK Democracy Handbook. Previously James worked as a national organiser at Extinction Rebellion UK and as a Handbook Organiser at the Coronavirus Tech Handbook.

Peyman Owladi

Peyman is a technologist, currently CTO of an education charity and before that of a sustainability startup, with a keen interest in political technology projects. He is a CLP Secretary and former Campaigns Coordinator, and has helped organise or maintain various national projects seeking to work across the breadth of the party on our shared goals, including the CLP Secretaries Forum where over 400 Secretaries from all factions and none support each other and share best practice.

Jane Marshall

Jane is Chair of Broxtowe CLP and a member of both the East Midlands Regional Executive Committee and Nottinghamshire Local Campaign Forum. Jane and the CLP fully embraced the Community Organising Model of Campaigning and the CLP opened a Labour High Street Community Hub in conjunction with Unite & CWU. What was initially a space to organise & campaign from turned into a fully functioning pop up food bank during lockdown and fed over 10,000 people within the local community. Jane also works at the Environment Agency on the Real Living Wage Campaign.

Sotez Chowdhury

Sotez is the Campaigning Communities Manager at Amnesty International (UK) and was formally Head of Community Organising at the Labour Party (UK). Sotez is also organising with No Holding Back which has been engaging and listening to working class communities and members during the pandemic. Previously he has worked as community organiser on various social justice issues (housing, jobs, safety etc) working with various civil society organisations.

Founding Organisations