Labour Organiser

2020 marks the centennary of the founding of Labour Organiser, billed in its first edition as ‘The ONLY LABOUR JOURNAL devoted to the Organisation, Electioneering, and Business matters’. For the better part of a century, Organiser filled its pages with articles penned by organisational luminaries such as Arthur Henderson, Harold Croft, to Ramsay MacDonald and Sidney Webb. These and other contributors regularly produced fascinating analysis and comment on a variety of topics from ‘The Principles of Party Organisation’ to ‘The Psychology of Political Parties’ and countless items on meetings, propaganda and canvassing. Against a backdrop of a fast paced and fast evolving media landscape, the party’s current tribulations with social media and limited avenues for sharing best practice between the party’s fragmented component parts we are resurrecting Organiser for today. You can read Organiser online here.

One Contact a Day Local Election Challenge

It’s 150 days to the next local election. Join us in making a pledge to make at least 1 contact a day in marginal seats between now and election day through Labour’s phonebanking website. If 10 people do this that’s 1500 contacts, if 100 then it’s 15,000! Share screen shots of your progress under #OneContactaDay, get the best tips on persuasion and join a facebook community to support your progress and share stories. If you are interested in taking part in the challenge let us know when you sign up to the society below.

Join our Database of Campaign Advisors

When you join as a Labour Society of Campaigner’s member you’ll be asked to register as part of our database of Campaign Advisors. Longer term we’re looking to link you up with local Labour Parties who need help with your area of expertise!