It's Time to Get Organised

Through the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we ever could alone. The Labour Society of Campaigners has been created to bring together the most experienced and passionate campaigners from across our movement, sharing ideas, innovation and best practice.

We care about campaigns because better campaigns win more elections.We are dedicated to both learning from and helping candidates and campaigners from all corners of the Labour movement to win campaigns, elections, and change the world.

Through our work we offer a platform for creating a new culture of learning, challenging old ideas and traditions, and exploring the best new campaigns thinking from across our Party and beyond.

To do that, we run training and events, publish ‘Labour Organiser’ to help share new ideas, and offer practical support to organisations, groups and individuals.

Founded 1920Relaunched 2020

‘The only Labour journal devoted to the Organisation, Electioneering, and Business matters’.

Branding Bernie; a designer's journey through branding a candidate

By Tyler Evans, Lead Designer, Bernie 2020

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Don’t Be Generic: Storytelling for Candidates

By Jana Mills

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Biden for President: Innovation in Organising

By Claire Hazelgrove

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